Our Program

Welcome to Impact’s Sports Development University!


The Development University is a year round unique mixture of a sports league and a training program that actually helps you get better while you play. We take an out of the box approach for maximum improvement. A lot of leagues out there do not give the tools to make your child better but simply just to play games and run up and down a field or court. What we do here is set them on the right path to bring out their full potential and teach them the actual fundamentals of the game.

Here are some of the things your child gets when they join our program

  • Jersey
  • Game play with professional refs
  • Fun and competitive skill challenges.
  • skill training
  • class room time to break down the game
  • curriculum
  • videos of drills to do at home by our special coaches
  • Coaches that want to see you succeed
  • Draft night/Awards nights
  • Make friends with other kids looking to get better
  • A family environment
  • Getting 2 sessions a week every week. This includes training one day and game or skills challenge the next
  • Workout Plan
  • Keep track of improvement

Through our program we have seen kids go from not making there team to college athletes. We make athletes better. It is just that simple.

Here we offer out Basketball Development University for Boys and Girls ages 6-18 years old. Here are some sports that are coming soon…

  • Flag Football
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Baseball
  • Softball

AAU Basketball ,Select Baseball, Select Volleyball, Select Softball and Select Soccer coming in 2020

Register today! Limited spots available